Watching a World Poker Tour Has Its Benefits

The World Poker Tour is one poker tournament that reigns supreme over all of the other regular and poker online tournaments that are held throughout the world. It is the big cheese, the top dog and Christmas rolled into one event for those poker players lucky enough to get a seat at the table.

Millions of viewers watch from home as players pit their wits and skills against each other in hopes of winning the multi-million dollar purse. It is the chance of a lifetime for those who play poker.

2002 proved to be a monumental year courtesy of Steve Lipscomb. He started the World Poker Tour as a way to showcase the best in the business and it has proved to be a phenomenal success, both with poker players and with the television viewing public. The Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is the host of the event and players from all over the world come to try a live hand. If you want to get into the WPT, then you are not alone Cmd368.

There are two ways to enter the WPT. The first is through winning another poker tournament and being invited to join. The second way is to buy in to the tournament. The amounts vary between $2500 to $25,000. If you have the money to play the card game, then you are in and are able to compete against some of the biggest names in the country and the world.

Thanks to modern technology, the public has a front row seat at the poker table. The viewing public can see the cards that each player is holding. It adds a bit of excitement as each person wonders how far that player will go based on their hand. It is an excellent learning opportunity for anyone trying to study the game and get some poker tips, as well as trying to learn how to read another player’s tell tale signs of bluffing or when they are truly holding a great hand.

The World Poker Tour has recently signed with Game Show Network to air their matches and tournaments. The sixth season of WPT is shaping up to be just as exciting as the previous five seasons with many of the biggest names in the business returning to duke it out with each other in the hopes of being crowned champion.

WPT did have a spin-off show called the Professional Poker Tour but it was unable to find a home on a network. Sit back in your comfortable arm chair and get ready to watch the excitement of the WPT.

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