I’m A Celebrity BET Me Out Of Here

In 2013 another dire collection of hasbeens, never-were’s and soap opera cast offs are flung into the jungle to raise money for”charidee”, even though we know it’s to obtain their faces  esports straight back on the box and also bank a fine Christmas bonus from the procedure. “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of This”, now in it’s fifth incarnation, is among many most interesting Reality shows and is car crash tv at it has dumbed down best.

Where else could you see a mildly recognisable media character coated in molasses and green bees, eating cockroaches as well as other”jungle delicacies” or dumped in a water tank surrounded by crocodiles along with eels in an effort to save a flagging career?

As the series has audiences squirming as”that bird that was on telly” munches down another specially fattened-up caterpillar to use and acquire meals for hungry camp-mates restricted to rations of rice and legumes, in addition, there are plenty of betting opportunities for armchair fanatics.

Here we will take a look at the runners and cyclists and how they have got on after the first few days spent in the jungle.


Played”Rickaaay Butcher” in Eastenders on / off since 1989 but has since spent the last few years running his restaurant from France. He has been out of the media spotlight since his singing career didn’t remove and admitted he was”tired” and jumped at the prospect of appearing on the show. Ricky, sorry Sid, was instantly instilled since the bookie’s favourite to win as he appears to have the”every man” quality that watched Phil Tufnell romp to success at Series Two.


Very best Price: 7/2 (Sporting Odds)

The other ex soap opera”star”, Sheree’s personality, Emmerdale’s”Tricia Stokes” was killed off nearly three years ago when a pub chimney dropped on her head during an uncharacteristically violent storm, even on Christmas Day of days as rotten luck would have it. Since then she has been raising her small kids and living the life of luxury as a result of footballer husband Harry Kewell’s #65,000 per week wage.

Her arrival in the jungle was not the best and contrast’s to I’m A Celeb legend Natalie Appleton were attracted when she wasn’t thinking about jumping out of the aeroplane in to the camp. At least she was not fearful of the trees. However, she redeemed herself magnificently by minding five celebrities within a live jungle task despite being scared stiff and is still among the favorites to win.


Finest Price: 11/2 (Tote Sport)

“Little” Jimmy Osmond became the youngest man to have a number 1 with the annoying”Long Haired Lover From Liverpool” in the 1970s. He has since turned into a successful residence mogul but is still imposing his new music on the average man or woman. He is a difficult one to call. While he sounds fine enough and undoubtedly has an enormous fanbase, he comes across as a little, well, odd. Recent polls at the tabloid press rate him as favourite to acquire and so the 11/2 price may shorten as the show progresses.


Best Price: 6/1 (Tote Sport)

The daughter of former Prime Minister Margaret and also”famous” in her very best as a writer and broadcaster. Undoubtedly a”chip off the old block”, Carol has engaged in two Jungle Trials thus far and handled them with love. First she drove a kart along a ravine along a rope bridge and a few days after sat down to dinner together with Jilly Goolden to enjoy a supper of grubs, cockroaches, fish eyes and finally a kangaroo’s testicle.

You receive the impression that nothing will period Carol throughout her stay inside the jungle and also the producers might need to think of something rather nasty to put off her. She may have staying power in this competition but may well not possess enough of a fan base to lead her to success.


Best Prices 18/1 and 15/2 (equally Bet365)

1 day you’ve got a hit TV series with tens of thousands of audiences along with your very own comic strip at”Appearance In” magazine and the next you might be the faces of”Safestyle Windows” and doing gigs in Crown Hill Community Centre and such. Ageing comedy duo Cannon and Ball were drafted in to camp on Day Five, begging the question:”What’s the point”

Late-comers never do well in Reality TV shows since they’re subconsciously seen as”outsiders” and also a hazard to the already-formed group. Upon his arrival Ball wasted no time in”entertaining” one other cyclists together with his”Rock on, Tommy” catch phrase plus it seems inevitable they can perform a task together with”hilarious consequences”. However, charges in order for them to triumph individually? Surely you can’t have one without the other?


Even the perma-tanned”Bargain Hunt” antiques expert famous for his”Cheap as Chips” and”Bobby Dazzler” catchphrases. Much like Cannon & Ball, ” he sounds a bit of a strange choice to go in the jungle but his live might be considered a short person in any instance. He wasn’t too happy to find that the novices as the other campers adopted their birth and he can find himself the first celebrity voted out.


Jenny has become the third largest person in Atomic Kitten to use their hands at Reality TV, following Kerry Katona’s success who won the show in Series Three and Liz McLarnon’s stint in”Celebrity Love Island” throughout the summer. She was paid more than any one of those other dealerships to appear to the show with a reported fee of #100,000 being quoted from the press that’s bound to cause some friction. While she appears pleasant and pretty enough to check she has never had a opportunity to do such a thing to convince she can grow to be the next greatest to reign as”Queen of the Jungle”.


Was previously in boy band”Blue” however unlike his three prior bandmates, he doesn’t always have a solo album deal – nonetheless. He looked the odd one out throughout his group days and didn’t really cut it being a teen”heart throb”. His swarthy and permanently unshaven appearance made him look better suitable for running a kebab shop than looking on point and hanging bedroom walls in poster form. A person who seems fine enough but does not have enough to stick out of the audience.


Finest Price: 50/1 (Tote Sport)

Jilly was famous for introducing”Food & Drink” on BBC2 for two years and becoming the most recognised wine expert in the UK. However, she wouldn’t have encounter anything like the grubs and kangaroo todger she downed after performing a joint task using Carol Thatcher. Her operation in that task may earn her respect and the 50/1 odds might be well worth a fascination and let go at a more rapid price as the competition grows.


Former”Neighbours” eye candy and also ironically the first Australian to surface at the sequence. Attractive women never excel in the series and even though the eternally fresh-faced beauty gave her task her best captured Day She may find herself spelled out earlier instead of later.


The 3 bookies favourites possibly possess the strongest cases to win the show. Sid Owen has ever been among the most recognisable faces on television on the past 15 decades or so while when it came back to sheer voting ability, Jimmy Osmond and his hoards of crazed fans will win it for him professionally. But, I’m inclined to rear Sheree Murphy to become just the next Queen of the Jungle. She includes a vulnerable quality about her that people will heat to while stubbornly refusing to wimp out of actions although it’s plain to see she’s not enjoying one second of them. Another performance such as her showing in the live task can view her 7/2 chances collapse.

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